Yoga Eye Pillow Lavender Flaxseed Relax Eye Patch Meditation Yoga Eye Mask


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Material:Remie cotton

fill the natural lavender and flaxseed, can be used at room temperature, ice compress, use hot compress, the eye has a very good relieve fatigue effect!
Ice compress used product can be put in the freezer frozen half an hour, then take out the ice compress.
Heat used product can be placed in the microwave for 30 seconds.
Think not enough heat to heat for 30 seconds, please do not one-time excessive heat, room temperature can be used to relax the mood, help sleep, use of eye dropsy ice compress, bubble eyes, goldfish eyes, have very good help. Heat to high intraocular pressure, acidity eye, eye fatigue is very helpful.

Package Included:
1*Eye pillow
1*A pack of plant seed